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Pine Villas

+ Location Beit Hebbek - Jbeil
+ Client Zeus Development / Ousabios Family
+ Project Area 4000 m2
+ Year 2015
+ Project Status Under construction
+ Section Architecture
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+ Project Description
Peace among the Pines At 400 meters above the coast of Byblos, Pine Villas make an ideal residence for both peace and proximity to the city. The project is located atop a unique hill where the area is known for lush greenery and pine trees, without compromising ease of access. Pine villas is a project of 16 luxury villas strategically located on main highway of Jbeil, where the coast and the mountains intersect. The Home of Your Dreams Owning a villa in the project gives you a lifetime of serenity and luxury, where your family home is a harbor for privacy and leisurely living. Pine Villas consists of 16 duplex villas with rooftop access and private underground parking. Each villa makes winter warmer with a chimney, and summer more enjoyable with a spacious outdoor area and a private garden. Captivating sea views can be seen from the villa’s large bay windows, linking the interior to the outside.
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